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Dwayne Jones was a Jamaican 16-year-old who was killed by a violent mob in Montego Bay on the night of 21 July 2013, after he attended a dance party dressed in women's clothing. Perceived as effeminate, Jones had been bullied in school and rejected by his father, and had moved into a derelict house in Montego Bay with transgender friends. When some men at the dance party discovered that the cross-dressing Jones was not a woman, they confronted and attacked him. He was beaten, stabbed, shot, and run over by a car. Police investigated, but the murder remains unsolved. The death made news internationally. While voices on social media accused Jones of provoking his killers by cross-dressing in public, the murder was condemned by Jamaican educators and by Justice Minister Mark Golding. In the wake of the attack, domestic and international organisations devoted to LGBT rights and human rights – among them Human Rights Watch and Jamaicans for Justice – asked the Jamaican authorities for a proper investigation and for legal recognition of LGBT rights on the island. (Full article...)

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